Farm Internship Program

Our internship program is focused on teaching skills and techniques including organic farming for market, raising chickens for egg production, and food preservation. Interns live and work on the farm, experiencing many facets of life and work with us on a diverse organic operation.

The rhythm of the farm varies with the seasons; the days are very long, but enjoyable.

We provide housing, food, and a stipend, as well as a unique learning experience.

You will learn a variety of homesteading, sustainable agriculture and permaculture skills.[clear]

Specific skills you may learn include:

Care of livestock

  • Poultry Management
  • Grazing Systems for Cattle

Vegetable Production

  • Planting
  • Cultivation
  • Harvesting
  • Marketing –retail and wholesale

Food Preservation

  • Canning – Water Bath and Pressure Cooker
  • Dehydrating
  • Butchering
  • Jelly and Jam Making

Greenhouse/High Tunnel 101

Irrigation Systems


Permaculture Principles


Interns will have the opportunity to learn through hands-on experiential participation in the tasks of the farm, as well as through a self-directed project,

Our full season program runs from April 15th to October 1st, with a one month trial period.

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