Market Box size

Pick Your Box Size
Whether you are a single or family of 5 you can choose the size of your box that works for you.

Case Lot Addons

Add-On Cases
We also have add-ons for case lots, different items every time. A great way to stock up…

Local Delivery

We Deliver & You Enjoy
Delivery to local area towns. Skip your delivery or change frequency to fit your schedule or vacations.

Carrots Growing

Mission Statement

To grow high quality, nutritious produce for local consumers and contribute positively to the health and well-being of the community in which we live.


“Cedar Creek Gardens has fantastic variety of produce. The produce at the summer markets is always fresh and sold with a smile. Great Job!” — Emily K.

“I love Cedar Creek Gardens for the quality produce they always have. Their watermelons are some of the sweetest around. Great customer service.” –Tyler A.